18 May 2015

西北地区马铃薯钾肥管理Potassium management in potato production in Northwest region of China

K demonstration on potato


· 80%以上的试验表明,施钾增加马铃薯块茎产量,提高单薯重和淀粉含量,降低还原糖含量。Potassium application increased potato tuber yield, enhanced commercial rate of tuber, mean tuber weight and starch content, reduced sugar content in > 80% of the trials (试验数 n=192).

· 明确了西北地区马铃薯主产区土壤基础供钾能力、土壤钾生产力和钾肥的农学效率。Determination of soil indigenous K supply, soil indigenous K productivity and agronomic efficiency of K fertilizer in potato production regions in Northwest China.

· 约80%的试验表明,在现有施钾水平下土壤钾素亏损。In nearly 80% of the observations soil K was depleted at current K application levels in potato production.

· 90%相对产量下的土壤交换性钾的临界值为105 毫克/公斤。The critical level of soil exchangeable K at 90% relative yield was 105 mg/kg.

· 根据产量反应和农学效率的关系和钾素吸收与块茎产量的关系进行推荐施肥。The relationships between yield response and agronomic efficiency and between total uptake K and tuber yield could be basis for potassium recommendation.

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